We know that Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray is better for food and better for you. Everyone who tries it knows it, too.
See what our customers have to say:

“Duck Fat Spray-aided meal tonight (as usual). Sprayed the skin of the spatchcocked and seasoned chicken, smoked and roasted in the pellet cooker at 400 degrees. Came out juicy, tender, with crackling delicious skin. Seasoned the veggies, then coated with DFS then grilled in a grill basket. Perfect. Sweet potato mash… ok mostly added butter, but sprayed with DFS. If you cook and eat, you should use Duck Fat Spray. I’m ordering more today.”

-Art Sobczak
Business by Phone Inc.

“I grew up in farming country where in decades past we had fairly easy access to farm-raised ducks during late summer and fall, and frozen the rest of the year. Even in farm country that’s rarely true today. This makes it difficult to cook food with rendered duck fat which is all the rage in the culinary world for good reason: Cooking with it is luxurious with fried potatoes, fish, and game—and just about everything else. Cornhusker Kitchen’s Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray solves all that. What a great product.”

-Doug Stange
Editor In Chief
In-Fisherman magazine and TV

“Whenever I use Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray, my roasted potatoes always come out crispy! Plus, it’s just better for you. This miracle in a can is the way to go.”

-Kelly C.

“I make my chicken hindquarters recipe when I tailgate with my friends. They can always tell when I use Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray, because it really brings out the orange and cilantro flavor I use to season my chicken nicely.”

-Andrew S.

“I used to use butter to caramelize my aunt’s Apple Danish recipe. But now I use Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray, and I’ve become famous for them at family gatherings!”

-Patty M.

“With many years cooking, both professionally and as a home chef, nothing has changed our finished meals like Duck Fat Spray. This is my go-to secret weapon for everything food. We cure our own bacon with it and use it for grilling, smoking, sides, and sauces. The meats are better, juicer and more flavorful. The sides have a crisper flavor and the Duck Fat Spray brings out flavor notes that you won’t get with any other product. My signature smoked chicken thighs never disappoint since we have added Duck Fat Spray to the recipe.”

-Jim K.

“For me it’s simple, I hunt, I fish, I cook, I eat. Not only is Duck Fat Spray the ultimate rub binder for my seasoning blends but it delivers that aha moment of damn that’s good in every bite.”

-William (Wild Bill) Powell
Texas Select Seasonings

“Duck bone broth is a luxuriously delicious gelatin-rich super food. No other real food source contains as many vitamins, nutrients and extracts of pure collagen, minerals and glucosamine, and it’s incredible for gut health, joints, skin, hair and nails, just to name a few of the benefits. Duck bone broth has a much richer flavor than chicken bone broth and is the perfect flavor base for stews, soups or wintertime risottos or polenta and such. I even enjoy it on its own as a soothing ritual, yielding the ultimate comforting immune supportive hot beverage to sip while I curl up with a favorite book. Take a break from your mocha, tea or hot cocoa and do yourself a favor by flooding your system with this delicious caffeine-free full body nutrient-dense alternative!”

-Stacy P.

Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray makes a great gift for hard-to-please foodies! Since this is the only Duck Fat Spray in the world, we can guarantee they don’t have this yet!