Duck Fat Makes Good Food Better


How do I use Gourmet Duck Fat Spray?

Use Duck Fat Spray as a non-stick coating vs. those other name brands that are getting some bad press for all the additives they include. (Our spray has none of those nasties.) Lightly spray Duck Fat Spray directly onto your pan or baking dish before cooking/baking. We also recommend applying Duck Fat Spray atop your food to give baked goods this amazingly flaky outer shell, vegetables a versatile coat, and more. Now your herbs and spices will stick to your food for a livelier meal.

How expensive is Gourmet Duck Fat Spray?

Not expensive at all! At just $10.99 per can or $19.99 for two, Duck Fat Spray is friendly to both your wallet and your food. You’ll also get more servings (665!) per can than you would with non-sprayable rendered duck fat.

Why did my Gourmet Duck Fat Spray stop spraying?

Is your spray nozzle clogged? Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time. If your spray stopped working, try this: remove spray tip and run under very hot water, rinsing from the bottom side OR place spray tip in a cup of very hot water. Before replacing the spray tip, place the end of the straw in a cup of water to test the spray. If need be, repeat the process above.

Why do I hear a thud when I shake my Gourmet Duck Fat Spray?

If you've ever shaken your can of Duck Fat Spray and heard a thud, don't be alarmed. Inside a can of Duck Fat Spray, there's a bag of duck fat surrounded by clean compressed air. When you shake it and hear a thud, that's just the bag of duck fat moving inside of the can.

Does Gourmet Duck Fat Spray make food taste like duck?

No, Duck Fat Spray imparts a subtle flavor while bringing out the flavor of your food.

Do I have to refrigerate Gourmet Duck Fat Spray?

No. In fact we strongly recommend storing Gourmet Duck Fat Spray in your pantry or countertop to keep the spray nozzle clear. Duck Fat Spray can be conveniently stored between 65-90˚ F.

I’ve really never heard of cooking with duck fat. It is new to the cooking world?

No. In fact, the world’s best chefs and people of many nations have been cooking with duck fat for hundreds of years. The French are particularly accustom to cooking with duck fat. In fact, duck fat is the most common animal fat eaten in the southwestern region of France known as Gascony, where reported heart problems are one fourth that of the USA. The ingenious thing here is we’ve put it in a spray can! The only ones in the world to do so, now you can add the oil of the famous chefs to your kitchen cooking in the most convenient way possible.

Is Gourmet Duck Fat Spray only good for cooking meat?

No! In fact, we cook with Gourmet Duck Fat Spray for meats, vegetables, potatoes, even pastries. It’s virtually tasteless, it can sear at high temperatures due to its high smoke point, and now sprays for quantity control, so its uses are virtually endless. Check out our recipes, and when you experiment with Gourmet Duck Fat Spray, send us your recipes to SAVE $2 on your next can!

What does “high smoke point” mean?

The high smoke point of oil is the temperature at which the oil begins to break down, giving off smoke – and that taste/smell that gets trapped in your food. Gourmet Duck Fat Spray has an extremely high smoke point to avoid all that. The benefit to cooks around the globe is that this oil gets so hot you get the ultimate sear on your food and yummy results!

What makes Gourmet Duck Fat Spray reusable and recyclable?

Gourmet Duck Fat Spray is reusable because of its high smoke point. It’s harder for breakdown to occur, so duck fat can be used again if you like. However, because you use so little with each spray, it’s unlikely you will need to.

What makes our USA manufactured product recyclable is that we use a recycled, biodegradable can. We like that and know you do, too.