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Be the first in your market to carry this NEW one-of-a-kind product that your customers will love!

Restaurants and food retailers are catching on to the great benefits of Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray. The convenience of the can is what makes this product even more attractive in the retail environment as cooking is becoming king and convenience is a time-saving necessity.

Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray is as unique as it is profitable. It’s not just another line extension – it adds dollars of profit to the cooking oil spray categories, not pennies. In other words: it’s valuable. It’s time to offer Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray to your customers! Whether you are a reseller at farmers’ markets or a multi-state big box retailer, we want to do business with you!

Cornhusker Kitchen is pleased to provide wholesalers with our Gourmet Duck Fat Spray, as well as our Premium Rendered Duck Fat Tub and store displays. Our store displays come fully loaded with 48 cans of Cornhusker Kitchen’s Gourmet Duck Fat Spray complete with seasonal header cards.

Canadian Wholesalers

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